We currently use a Dyno Dynamics 450 Single Axle Mobile Dyno - which can be used with a rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, Race Cars, Sports Utility Vehicles, Light commercial vehicles and even Motorcycles with an optional adapter. It is compact in design and fits in one workshop bay. This Car Dyno is rated for 900 horsepower for the standard and you can add an additional retarder for a total of 1800 horsepower if needed. This DYNAMOMETER will do it all.

Provides you with a control unit you can use within the car itself while running.

  • Change Load points
  • Hold RPM so that you can change load (aka Steady State)
  • Electromagnetic rollers for exit brake
  • Turn Key computer system, cordless keyboard, monitor, color inkjet
  • Command module: handheld for snap shot live tuning, roller brake button, display and ramp up and down.
  • Optional Steel Cabinet to store everything
  • Automatic Fan Controls which controls up to 2 fans.

  • Screen

  • Date time
  • Customer Name
  • Test details
  • VIN
  • Power
  • Torque
  • Speed
  • Temp air
  • Fuel Mixter AFR UGEO
  • Engine RPM
  • Much more.....

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